Chairman's Desk


Ramesh Chennithala
Chairman, RGIDS

RGIDS is turning up to be a lead research and academic institution dedicated to the nation and committed to the people of this country. It has set up a new campus and infrastructure to achieve it's vision, derived to realise the dreams of our great prime minister Shri Rajeev Gandhi- who brought our country to the doorsteps of development. RGIDS is committed to provide academic and research based inputs to development of our country in many ways possible. This is a proud moment for all of us that Shri.Sonia Gandhi is inaugurating the new campus located at Neyyar Dam, Thiruvananthapuram.

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Director's Desk


Hidur Muhammad
Director, RGIDS

RGIDS is active in the social, economic and Development Ares of Kerala with novel thoughts and ideas.RGIDS is determined to promote the ideals from greatest Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who has taken India into the 21st century with confidence and respect. RGIDS has a wealth of academic scholars, and development and economic experts who have consented to contribute the novel initiative of nation building. The institution will become a hub for academicians, thought leaders, economists, development experts to formulate strategies and execution plans for the grass root level development of our country.

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