Know Us Better


  • Dr.B.A.Praksh, Retired Professor and Head, Dept. of Economics, University of Kerala and Chairman of 5th Kerala State Finance Commission
  • Dr.A.Sukesh Kumar, Retired Principal, Government Engineering College, Kerala
  • Dr.Jayaprakash, Retired Principal, S.N.College, Kollam
  • Dr.R.P.Nair, Rtd. Joint Director, Planning Department , Government of Kerala
  • Dr.P.Krishnakumar, Retired Associate Professor, M.G.College, Kerala University
  • Dr.Cyriac Mathews, Retired Principal, University Colleges, Govt. of Kerala
  • Dr.N.Murukan, Retired Professor, University Colleges, Govt. of Kerala
  • Dr.Mary George, Retired Professor, Dept. of Economics, University College, Govt. of Kerala
  • Shri.S. Ramachandran Pillai, Retired Fellow, IMG, Govt. of Kerala
  • Dr.Premjith, Retired Profssor, Zoology, St.Judes College, Kanya Kumari
  • D.J.Vijayabhas, Retired Chief Environment Engineer, Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Govt. of Kerala
  • Saisree K.G. Research Associate , Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Development Studies