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Sponsored Research Projects


Studies on the sustainable development of the fishing community of the coastal area of Thiruvananthapuram district due to the changes in land use.

Deepening Democracy Fellowship Programme (DDFP)

This project is envisaged as an opportunity for young minds to be mentored by Members of the Kerala Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and MPs for a period of 10 months as per the specific internship programme schedule of the year.



Return Emigration of Indian Emigrant Workers from the West Asia- Report on a survey of Return Emigrants in Kerala.

  RGIDS, in collaboration with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA), has undertaken a research programme on international migration. As part of the research programme two research studies have been submitted. Indian Migrant workers in West Asia: Report on a Survey of Emigrant Workers in UAE and Kuwait.

Effectiveness of Panchayat Raj Institutions in Service Delivery in Kerala 

RGIDS has been undertaken a collaberative study RGIDS and National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), Hyderabad

Capacity building of elected members and officials of Local Self Government Institutions in Kerala through Kerala Institute of local administration (KILA)

RGIDS has been undertaken a evaluation study in collaberation with  Kerala Institute for Local Administration,Thrissur

Access, Equity and Quality of Higher Education: A study on the Impact of   Self-financing Colleges in Kerala

RGIDS has been undertaken a evaluation study in collaberation with  Higher Education Council, government of Kerala

District Panchayats in Kerala: A Study on the Need for Strengthening

RGIDS has been undertaken a evaluation study in collaberation with   Kerala State Planning Board

Functional Efficiency of Transferred and Absorbed Institutions of  LGs in Kerala: An Analytical Approach

RGIDS and Decentralisation Analysis Cell of Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Projects (KLGSDP-World Bank aided project of Govt. of Kerala)

 Scope and Methodology of PPP Model of Project Implementation of Grama Panchayats in Kerala- K. Nadarajan

Other research Reports published by RGIDS

  • Poverty in Kerala : Features and Poverty Alleviation Schemes(2012 in Malayalam)- Prof.B.A.Prakash
  • Kerala’s12th Five Year Plan (2012-17)Suggestions on Development Approach,2011 (Malayalam)
  • Approach to the 12th Five Year Plan of India: Policy SuggestionsRamesh Chennithala (2011)